Nails Of The Day- Honk If You Love OPI

Honk If You Love OPI

Honk If You Love OPI Nail swatch
Honk If You Love OPI – £7.49
I purchased Honk If You Love OPI from ebay a few weeks ago along with OPI Pink Friday, as I’d been looking for a deep purple colour. Purple is my favourite colour and I love wearing it but I don’t really have any dark purple coloured polishes.
Swatching this colour, it’s a deep black, reddy purple colour, almost browny in some lights.

Mostly though I’d probably liken the colour to a black cherry colour. In the pictures below it does look a lot brighter than it is, probably because of the lighting and the flash on my camera, so if you do decide to buy be aware it is quite darker than the pictures indicate and more like a dark cherry colour I described.
The brush, like many OPI ones is fairly wide and covers the nail, although a second coat is needed as it quite thin and looks a little patchy with just one coat but it does look quite glossy with two applications, even without a top coat

I do love this colour, it’s not the colour I expected but I do like it, however I will carry on searching for that perfect purple colour.
What do you think of this colour?


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