One month in

It is officially February hurrah! it’s my birthday month and I’ll be turning 23! Oops! but I thought I’d do a fairly short post on where my new years resolutions are getting up to.

getting slim

Keep losing weight and getting fit

Yep been to the gym religiously 2-3 times a week. I’ve had a renewed sense of motivation since I’ve seen everyone else getting fit and I dont want to be the one left behind! I tried some clothes on the other night that previously I couldn’t fit into and I can now hurrah!! Also I’d really like a 29 inch waist, pretty pretty pleaseeeeeeeeee!! 28 inches if you’re feeling generous. Think thin only 1.5 inches to go.

Wear sunscreen every day

I’ve actually been doing pretty well with this, I’ve been using my moisturiser with SPF- which I think is 15- daily, which I know is not generally high enough but I figured its January so it will suffice and I’ll up my levels as the weather gets a bit nicer.

home made beef stifry

Eat Less sugar

This is a tricky one, I’d like to say yes. We’ve had a few meals this month that weren’t prepared from scratch which probably had quite a lot in, but I’ve been cooking healthy meals all this month (Note! I don’t use jars of sauces because I genuinely hate the taste of them, they’re sweet and weird and yuk!)
I’ve also switched to from Oatiflakes which have 4.2g per serving to Oatibix which has 1.5g sugar per serving .
I still eat a daily banana which is quite high in sugar, but it’s on my breakfast with berries (which aren’t as sweet) and Oatbix so that balances it out I think. I’ve also been on a bit of a salad drive, not purposefully but I found goats cheese, hazelnut and apple salad is actually amazing and therefore I’ve been having it most days.

Read more books

No this is the one I’ve definitely not been doing well with at all. I’ve not touched the Hobbit since Christmas and it’s not even a long book!!

new layout web developer

Keep posting on my blog

I’ve not done too badly with this, could have done better on a couple of weeks but the days just disappear and then it’s dark! I have definitely been posting 3 times a week though hurrah! I’ve also done a new layout for my blog, as you can see! and I’ve ordered some lighting to hopefully take pictures when it’s not light.

Be better with budgeting

Again I’d like to say I’ve been doing well, but I probably haven’t. I have a spreadsheet which has come in handy helping out with my spending. Having my Ipad break this month definitely did not help though!!

Did you make any resolutions? How are they going?

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ Yep I definitely can’t wait for it to become lighter, I’m hating it being dark all the time x

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