Origins Out Of Trouble Mask Review

Origins out of trouble mask
Origins out of trouble mask

After the success of finding a face mask I could use in the Charcoal Clear Improvement mask I was interested in trying the Out of Trouble one. It claims to clear up skin using a three pronged attack to sop up shine, slough off dead cells, and remove debris. Like Origins other products, natural ingredients are used in this face mask to ensure it’s gentle enough to look after your skin but tough on breakouts.

The mask itself is creamy and quite thick so you don’t need to slap a load on. The scent is very strong with the Camphor coming through so it does remind me of Vick’s Vapo rub when I put it on (may be good for a cold too??). It’s also quite warming and tingly but not to the point of irritation.

After using the face mask, my skin is lovely and soft. I can’t say I particularly notice if my spots are less red but my skin is smooth and not dry or tight at all which is good.

All in all, not sure I can credit it for making my spots disappear, but it possibly could work on minor breakouts. However it does leave my skin feeling lovely afterwards. It is fairly expensive but it does last quite a while, I do like the results after using and with the difficulty i have finding masks that don’t irritate my skin, this is definitely going to be repurchased.

Origins out of trouble mask can be purchased from here for £22 or from Boots for £20


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