Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil Review

Pai Rosehip Bioregerate oil
Pai Rosehip Bioregerate oil
Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil swatch

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate oil – £20

I’ve been using the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate oil for a few months now, but I’ve held off reviewing it as I wanted to give it a thorough testing. I decided to invest in this facial oil as I’d heard good things and clinical studies show Rosehip is effective at improving the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage and fine lines. Now I’m not quite at the fine lines stage yet and I’d like to think my sun damage is limited through my religious use of SPF and keeping to the shade rather than full sun, but as regular readers may know I suffer from quite a bit of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (red marks) and acne scars. I’m realistic in the fact that without (non)-surgical treatments I’ll never get rid of them, but I wanted to improve the overall texture of my skin in the vain hope that they might look less prominent.

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerative oil is a facial oil that is rich in concentrated Trans-Retinoic Acid which converts to Vitamin A to boost the skin’s natural healing process. The difference between this and other rosehip oils such as the Trilogy one is that it contains concentrated fruit hip oil, with double the regenerative sterols and five times the carotenoids of seed oil. It’s also extracted using CO2 to deliver the complete and concentrated properties of the plant.

It comes in a frosted glass bottle with a built in pipette which I love as its so handy and you don’t waste any product. It’s such a bright orange colour, which is supposedly because it uses the fruit and seed oil. Be careful mind you, because its so vibrant it may stain any clothes it comes in contact with.

I usually apply this onto clean skin at night with it being an oil. It’s not a greasy oil, but it probably wouldn’t react well with makeup. I’m usually quite generous and use more than the couple of drops it recommends, which I dispense into my palm then rub over my face.I also really like using this with a facial roller as well, as I feel it boosts my circulation and really helps it sink in.

One thing that I imagine people won’t like about this is the smell. It definitely smells of rosehips and whilst I don’t mind it, Harry always knows when I’ve used it as he wrinkles his nose and goes “have you got your rosehippy stuff on again”. It’s definitely an acquired smell, I personally don’t mind it but some people might.

I love how my skin looks and feels when I’ve used this product, my skin looks more plump and glowy. Sometimes if I want a really intense facial, I’ll use my Alpha-H Liquid Gold then the Pai Rosehip Bioregerenate oil as a moisturiser. However despite noticing an initial improvement in my skin, improvement in scars and red marks isn’t so instantaneous- rather taking a few weeks of continuous use- so if you’re expecting overnight results you might be disappointed.

Is it worth the money? I’d like to think so, it’s in a different league when compared to similar oils and because you use so little per application it will last such a long time which makes it definitely worth it in my opinion.

    1. Ooh yes you should definitely give them a go, Pai are such a good brand and do loads of really nice products x

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