Party Feet

how to get party feet ready

Feet are often overlooked, especially during the winter months when they’re bundled up in thick cosy socks and Ugg Boots. It’s only when you brave the cold with bare legs and realise your nail polish is chipped and your nails are different lengths that you need to do something pronto! So here’s a few tips for perfect tootsies this party season.

1. Pumice
Dead skin on feet seems to gross people out, even though when we use our body scrubs we’re effectively getting rid of dead skin on our bodies too but I digress. The best way to do this is with a pumice stone. I like to have a bath and let my feet get soft so it’s easy to do. Be careful though, overzealous pumicing will mean sore feet and therefore being confined to slippers rather than your new party heels!

2. Remove old nail polish
I admit I’m really lazy and I leave nail polish on for months which you shouldn’t do as it makes your nails all yellow. I like to remove my polish up to a week before my party and paint some Save the Nail Toughen Up Basecoat to let them breathe before their next lot of polish.

3. Cut and buff the nails
Cut your nails straight across with a pair of nail clippers, never go down the sides unless you want ingrown toenails (and as a frequent sufferer, I can safely say they are horrendous). Then grab your nail buffer, I use my Sephora nail buffer and follow the numbers on each side for the smoothest shiniest nails ever!

4. Moisturise
Feet get dry too, so for the smoothest feet around, after you’ve got out of the bath slather on some intensive moisturiser and pop on some socks for baby smoothness. My all time favourite foot cream is Burt’s Bees Peppermint Foot Lotion. It is quite greasy but I wake up with the smoothest feet, and best of all it smells heavenly and gives your feet a nice tingle.

5. Be Prepared
Once you have a pedicure Hollywood starlets would be envious of and you’re ready to slip your feet into your gorgeous new heels, don’t forget to pack some plasters so any blisters won’t stop you dancing the night away! Compeed make the best ones so it’s worth grabbing a pack!


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