Review: Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA

Paula's Choice Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA

Paula's Choice Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA

Paula's Choice Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA

Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength 2% BHA – £25
Like many people I’ve always suffered with my skin. I finally got it reasonably under control 10 years ago but I’ve constantly suffered with clogged pores and cystic spots on my chin.
I’d pretty much tried everything on the market, spot clearing products, manual exfoliators, AHAs, but nothing kept it under control so I’d given up much hope beyond going back to the doctors.

I’d read that BHA’s were something worth trying so I had a look and the only brand I found was Paula’s Choice. I’ve heard of Paula’s Choice before through their reviews of other products but I didn’t think they sold their products over here, so imagine my surprise when I saw they did UK delivery.

I eagerly looked through the range and saw the Extra Strength 2% BHA Solution. I opted for a trial size solution at first, because at £25 it’s pretty pricey and I didn’t want this to be another failed product.

It wasn’t! In fact it’s wonderful, it’s revolutionary, it’s actually hands down the most amazing product I’ve ever tried.

It’s quite a thin solution but feels oily and doesn’t sting. I use it on a cotton pad and swipe over my upper lip, chin and jaw area.

After 3 or 4 days I noticed any previously blocked pores started unclogging and the gunk was coming out easily when I scrubbed.

Within 7 days of using it, my chin was smooth and clear with old spots disappearing as well. Another thing I noticed was that my chin was nowhere near as oily. Usually by mid-morning it’s an oil slick with makeup sliding off but now it’s pretty balanced.

The only gripe I have and it’s a small one that’s commonly brought up is that the packaging is absolutely rubbish. It leaks if it’s not stood upright which is quite annoying as the oily solution gets everywhere.
Other than that though this stuff is incredible and I will never be without it, in fact I went and bought the full size bottle. It’s transformed my skin and I no longer have to worry that I’ll get a cystic spot. If you are suffering with blocked pores and spots I 110% recommend this.


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