Photography Workshop Event with Manchester Photographic and #LightsCameraCurrys

Cooking a Chinese crepe at Manchester Food and Drink Festival
Churros at Manchester Food and Drink Festival
Churros menu at Manchester Food and Drink Festival
a sandwich waiting to be picked up
Man posing with sauce
Slathering Mustard on a hot dog
Piggy Smalls menu at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival
turning the hot dogs at Piggy Smalls

A good number of weeks ago an email popped in my inbox asking if I’d like to attend a photography workshop at Manchester Photographic School as part of #LightsCameraCurrys and my immediate response was hell yeah, I mean who would pass up the opportunity to learn more about their camera at Manchester’s only independent photography school.
I don’t think I’m entirely useless with my camera, although you can tell me if you think I am! but given the opportunity I would gladly enhance my skills.

We did start a little late which was a bit disappointing as it meant later some elements were only mentioned in brief or skipped over which I would have preferred to have gone into in a bit more depth but ah well!

The workshop was really good, I knew quite a bit of it from what I’d read online, but the tutor did teach us some very valuable things such as holding your camera, stance and manual focus. I have to say before the workshop I was afraid to touch the inner ring of my lens as I thought I might be forcing the mechanism but now I know I don’t feel so worried that I might have damaged my camera and can use manual focus more confidently- although with my dodgy eyesight it’s opened up a new world of problems.

After we ran through the basics of Aperture, ISO and Shutter speed it was time for a bite to eat and boy did we get a spread. I was surprised how restrained I was considering I tend to go all out at a buffet, but I did manage to grab a second helping of dessert – I told you I had a sweet tooth.

Another really well timed aspect was that the Manchester Food & Drink Festival was on and part of the workshop was to go and do an outdoor assignment. Our tutor took the opportunity to use the festival as our assignment, which meant that not only did we get to partake in this workshop, we got to wander around the markets. We were split into groups and my group had the arduous(!) task of capturing the food – hehe! We didn’t really get to eat or drink much but we did get some jelly beans and a sample of spicy meat from one of the street vendors which was pretty good!

We also received a little goodie bag consisting of a Curry’s canvas tote, a USB (which I’m not sure the capacity of), a water bottle, which is now my new gym bottle, a special offers leaflet for if I fancy booking onto another course and the star prize- a camera cleaning kit. I haven’t cleaned my camera once since getting it over two years ago- Oops! so I’m definitely going to be embarking on a good cleaning session. What was great as well is that the tutor showed us what each piece in the kit did so we knew exactly how to use it. He also gave us tips on what not to do, so if you’re considering using washing up liquid on your lens don’t!

Reflecting on my photos before the workshop I realise I was using different controls and it was a case of my pictures were usually coming out the way I wanted them to but I didn’t know why, and when they weren’t I still didn’t know why. This workshop gave me the knowledge to understand why they weren’t coming out the way I wanted them to and how I could correct that.

Overall I had a really awesome time, I’ve not been to many events but it was absolutely fantastic. I met some lovely people and I learnt some valuable skills about photography that I can take with me. Thank you Curry’s and Joe’s Bloggers for inviting me and if you want to read more and check out some other pictures Curry’s blog is here.


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