Recipe: Porridge with berries

Healthy porridge and berries

ProPoints: 5 Prep Time: 1 minute Cook Time: 4 minutes

Weight watchers porridge with berries


40g Porridge Oats
handful Berries (I used frozen forest fruits)
150ml Skimmed Milk
150ml Water

I mainly eat oats for breakfast, either Oatibix, Oatiflakes or porridge. I find that wheat tends to make me bloat a lot. I did have a test for coeliac which came back negative but I think my body’s not a big fan so I try keep the amount of wheat I consume to a minimum. Other cereals like corn and rice just don’t fill me for more than an hour or so, but I find oats fill me for 3-4 hours.

This recipe is delicious, really easy and quick to do and it’s low in sugar. It’s also only 5 ProPoints for those who follow weight watchers and is guaranteed to leave you feeling full for a good few hours.


1. Weigh out your oats in a large-ish cereal bowl. Measure out your water and skimmed milk in a jug and add this to the oats.
Porridge oats and milk
2. Pop in the microwave for 4 minutes.

frozen berries
3.Meanwhile get your berries. (I used frozen berries, they’re cheap and delicious) and defrost them if needed. Add some sweetener to taste. I used quite a bit because I’m not sweetening the porridge.
fruits of the forest
4. Keep an eye on your porridge to make sure it doesn’t boil over in the last minute or so. Give it a stir if it is rising a lot.

5. Add your berries to the porridge once cooked. If you have a real sweet tooth and it’s not quite enough for you add a teaspoon of honey for a ProPoints value of 6.


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