Primark Red Berries & Orchid Candle

Primark Red Berries & orchid candle
Primark Red Berries & orchid candle

Did anyone else know that Primark sell home ware now? Neither did I until I popped in at the weekend and saw an entire new section on the first floor and practically fan girled. Primark is my go to store right now. I find what I’ve bought from there lasts as long as what I would buy from Topshop or somewhere else and is a fraction of the price.

My boyfriend, bless him is very sweet and when it’s his day off and I’m at work, he’ll always light some candles for me for when I get home. I recently purchased some small Yankee Candles in the sale, which I hadn’t had the chance to review and when I came home I saw he was burning them all. I couldn’t say anything because it’s a lovely thing he does for me but inside I was crying at the fact my November Rain sampler candle was halfway burned away.

I was quite excited therefore when I saw these candles. They looked great and smelled divine, but the best of all they were bargain price and suitable for my boyfriend to burn to his hearts content and leave my more expensive candles for special occasions.

The only thing I would say about this candle is whilst it smells wonderful when it’s not burning, it’s not very strongly scented when it was burning which is a disappointment. It definitely doesn’t live up to the strength of scent you get from a Yankee Candle but nonetheless it’s a great and more affordable alternative.

This one doesn’t have a great scent pay off, so I don’t think I’d buy it again, but it’s got a burn time of 30 hours and it’s a bargain price of £2. I think I will definitely try out some of the others in the range to see how they fare, even if it’s to stop my boyfriend burning my expensive Yankee ones!

Red Berries and Orchid Candle can be purchased from Primark for £2


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