Red’s True Barbecue Review

I’ve been wanting to write this post for ages now as it’s quite a while since we visited Red’s True Barbecue. I have to say from the minute I read Manchester Confidential’s review and their mention of the ‘Donut burger’ I knew I had to visit. Countless repeats of Man V Food has well and truly made me into a BBQ fiend and I can’t get enough of Low ‘N’ Slow ribs, pulled pork and all the other delicious morsels BBQ brings.

I visited with Harry one afternoon when I had a day off work and it wasn’t too busy which I liked (I hate crowded restaurants although I’ve been known to wait 45 minutes for TGI Fridays. I can’t get enough of American food).

The decor is quite grungy but I quite liked it and it felt quite authentic actually like you were sat in an American smokehouse in the Deep South, although the men in suits from Spinningfield were a little out of place I will admit. The menu also came in this cute little book which unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of!

They had a vast array of sauces lined up which although I didn’t try, looked very interesting. I also liked the selection of ales they had. Harry ordered an IPA and the can it was in was designed in the style of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas film. Pretty cool huh!
sauces at Red's True BBQ
We ordered some the jumbo chicken wings to start which we shared, and my goodness it’s a good job we did! They weren’t joking when they said jumbo! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that although we ordered the hot wings they weren’t too spicy for me which was good although I know Harry was disappointed as he likes his wings HOT. We were also a little disappointed at the stingy serving of celery and blue cheese dip, nothing goes better with hot wings than those babies.

jumbo chicken wings at Red's True BBQ

For mains, I ordered the pulled pork burger which although it was good, I prefer Southern Eleven’s (it’s superb!), so I think next time I go I will order something different. The sides were good though, I got some HUGE onion rings and some delicious fries (I’m a bit of a chip fiend).
Harry ordered the Pit Burger which instantly made me regret my choice as not only did it look amazing, but I had a bite and it was heavenly. Harry loved it so much it’s now on a pedestal and other burgers are the equivalent of a Big Mac in comparison to this.
pulled pork sandwich at Red's True BBQ
pit burger at Red's True BBQ
I thought it was really good value as well, the portions were massive and the prices were really good. I got my pulled pork sandwich and two sides for only Β£8.95 which is pretty darn good. I also can’t fault the service, our waitress was so lovely.

I’d really recommend going if you haven’t already, it’s fantastic and the food is so good, I can’t wait to go back.


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