SammyDress Review

sammydress heart print dress
sammydress heart print dress
sammydress heart print dress
Lace-Up Scoop Neck Love Heart Print Dress – $9.11*

A while back I received an email from a company called SammyDress asking if I would like to review an item of clothing, so I had a look through their collection and agreed. I was torn between a couple of items but eventually I opted for a long sleeved heart print dress.

Their website has a lot of clothing, so their is a lot to choose from. They also are really cheap too, think Primark prices so you could definitely go mad and buy quite a few bits and bobs. The one thing I didn’t like was the sizing. It’s not consistent between items of clothing and there’s other measurements included like across the shoulders?

It did take a while to come- probably just over 2 weeks- mainly I think because they got my address wrong and sent it to the US. Anyway it finally arrived and I was really excited. It looks beautiful in the flesh and of comparable quality to anything you’d buy in New Look, Primark et al.

I was excited to try it on although when I looked at it I thought it looked on the small size for a medium, even though the measurements stated on the website should have fit me. Immediately as I tried it on though I knew it wasn’t going to fit. It was the equivalent of me trying to fit into a size 8 so I didn’t even bother trying to wiggle into it any more.

I contacted the company to see whether they would do an exchange so I could review something that actually fit me but I had no response.

It’s such a shame this doesn’t fit, I’m really disappointed as it is such a cute dress. I don’t think even if I sized up it would fit either just because it’s cut so small.

To be honest I don’t think I would buy things from them, the discrepancy in sizing is too much of a dealbreaker and I don’t like that I won’t know whether an item will fit me or not until I get it in my hand and then I won’t know how difficult it is to return it. Saying that however, they have some really lovely clothes and at a really good price so I think perhaps if you need some throwaway clothing or you are very average sized, straight up and down, model figure then they’d probably be worth having a look at, but if you’re a bit inbetweeny sizes/Kim K proportions, I think you’re best off sticking to somewhere you can try it on in the shop or they’re good for returns.

* This product was sent to me for my consideration, all opinions are my own


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