Save the Nail Toughen Up Base Coat Review

Save the Nail Toughen Up Base Coat
Save the Nail Toughen Up Base Coat

Save the Nail Toughen Up Base Coat – Ā£7.50

Whilst perusing through Boots a few months ago, I decided to pick up this Save The Nail Toughen Up Base Coat. I find that nail polish wear time is next to nothing on me, partly because I’m quite careless with my manicure but also because I have quite flaky nails that peel, so when I saw this base coat I thought it sounded perfect.

Save the Nail is made by Nails Inc and contains silk powder to add instant strength to the nails and a specialised mineral complex and added proteins help nails to grow stronger and longer. It’s a clear pinky colour but just shows up as clear on the nails.

What I really like about this is it’s multi-purpose. It can be used in two ways, as a base coat under nail polish, or as a strengthening treatment which you apply every day for seven days. When I use this as a base coat, I notice that my nail polish takes longer to dry than without. It’s slightly annoying as I have to wait even longer or else I end up smudging it. However my nail polish does last slightly longer than it would normally. It also gives a smoother base so the nail polish isn’t bumpy if my nails have been peeling and it also means my nail polish comes off more uniformly, rather than chipping.

When I use this alone on bare nails, I’ve noticed that it does make them much stronger. It’s been a lot more difficult to actually rip my nails off, they don’t bend and the top layers of my nails aren’t peeling as much, but that could also be a coincidence as I’ve started doing a lot less washing up!

The only drawback I’ve found to this product is that after a couple of days it starts to chip and peel. However seeing as its intended purpose is to be a base coat or to be refreshed every day I can’t really complain.

Overall I really like this product, I’ve tried a few products like this before and not really seen great results, plus the fact that this can also be used as a base coat as well is handy and means that I can attempt to extend my manicure by another couple of days. It’s relatively cheap as well at Ā£7.50 which I think makes it fairly good value for money. Combined with a nail file it’s my new weapon against my nail ripping habit and I’ll definitely be picking it up again.


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