September Degustabox

September Degustabox, monthly food box
September Degustabox, monthly food box

Here I am with another Degustabox review! It really feels like these monthly boxes come around so fast! I’m really enjoying these boxes, I love receiving the package at work and seeing what exciting goodies I get each month. I love trying out all the new stuff even if my cupboards are now overflowing with food! So onto this month’s box and I wasn’t disappointed, in fact I feel like I really got a lot for my money this month. I definitely will use each item I received – perhaps not straight away- and there isn’t anything in there that I don’t think I’ll like, in fact I use the word delicious quite a lot…

Burts Lentil Waves
I’m really excited to try these, in fact I’m going to be popping these in my lunchbox for work hence why I’ve not tried them yet. I received three flavours – Lightly Salted, Thai Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream and Chive which are all really traditional crisp flavours. They’re only 99 calories a packet and free from MSG, hydrogenated fat, artificial flavourings and colourings. I’m really excited to try these as I’m not a big fan of lentils so I’m hoping this new way of eating them might just appeal to me.

Jordan’s Simply Granola
I’ve not had chance to try this yet as I’ve just made a bumper box of my own granola and want to use that up first but I’m really pleased with this addition in my box. I love Jordan’s cereal in general, I think their Strawberry Country Crisp has to be one of my all time favourite cereals – behind Clusters, Clusters will always be my favourite- so I reckon these are going to be good. The only drawback to the Simply Granola, like Clusters and Strawberry Country Crisp is it contains quite a lot of sugar, which I do avoid in cereals (I usually eat plain Shredded Wheat, plain Weetabix or Porridge and sweeten with either almond milk or blueberries- think what you will!) so this might have to be a treat rather than a regular addition to my shopping basket.

Pick Up! Biscuit Bars
Having almost devoured the packet of the milk chocolate ones and half a packet of the black n white ones I can safely say these are delicious. Seriously they should be called pick me up because they definitely pick you up. They’re so tasty and although I was a bit wary about how they would taste -especially the black ‘n’ white ones which I thought would be quite chalky and dry like Oreo’s or cheap Bourbon biscuits- I can safely say they aren’t! the biscuits are really tasty and not dry at all and the chocolate is good quality. These are really really nice biscuits and I definitely will be picking these up again as they’re not too expensive either at £1.69 a pack.

Crabbie’s Alcoholic Fruits – Raspberry and Rhubarb
I received the Raspberry and Rhubarb one which although I wasn’t disappointed with, I would have preferred the Cherry one. Nonetheless this one is very tasty and you can’t really taste the rhubarb I don’t think, but the raspberry comes through really strongly. It’s not very alcoholic either, I think this would be a really nice drink for the summer or one to try if you’re into your fruity ciders like Kopparberg et al. I think I might try the Black Cherry one but as I’m more of a vodka and soda kinda gal I don’t know whether I’ll really be repurchasing. Also at £5.99 a pop for a couple of bottles they’re not really one for if you’re a student looking for a good time if you get me?

Little Miracles Lemongrass Tea
I know Degustabox have sent a lot of healthy organic drinks in the last few boxes but I personally really enjoy receiving them. I’ve not tried this one out yet I’m hoping it’ll be as good as the green tea one which is lovely. This one contains orange juice, ginger, ginseng, lemongrass tea and agave so I think it’ll be punchier than the Green Tea one.

Little Miracles Green Tea
I’ve had a sneaky few swigs of this already and it’s really delicious. It contains Green Tea, ginseng, acai, pomegranate and agave so it’s definitely one of those super anti-oxidant drinks and really worth a go if you like those sorts of things. They’re currently £1 at Asda so I definitely think I might pick up the others in the range to give those a try as well.

Carnation Cook with it!
I was really intrigued with this item, as I obviously knew Carnation did condensed milk and the caramel as well which I’ve used before but a cook in cream type thing is quite different. I tend to shy away from creamy sauces for weight related reasons but having had a look online it’s kind of like a lighter version of cream (something I never use, apart from if I’m making pie or eating it, you get my drift) so I’m open to the idea of it. Also Carnation give you a load of recipe ideas you can use it in so I might have to pop this in my next macaroni cheese, fish pie or carbonara. Also the other really good thing is it’s UHT so it can sit in the cupboard for a while and I don’t have to worry about it going funny. This really isn’t an item I’d normally pick up so I’m quite interested to try it out.

Elizabeth Shaw Mint Thins
I love Elizabeth Shaw products, they always remind me of Christmas and my dad always gets the Mint Crisps which I definitely eat more than my fair share of. These mint thins are delicious, really minty and moreish with crunchy sprinkles on top and I think I might have to convince my dad to get some of these this Christmas.

Righteous Salad Dressings
I hate salad! There I said it, I really don’t like it I find it boring and I don’t know how people can eat it. Saying that salad’s with a dressing I do like (mainly because the dressing gives them some flavour!) I’ve received three tubs of salad dressings this month – Raspberry and Sweet Basil, Lemon and Mustard Seed and English Blue Cheese and Cider. I have to say the one I’m looking forward to the most is the English Blue Cheese- I do love a bit of blue cheese! I’m also quite looking forward to trying the Raspberry and Sweet Basil, I think it sounds quite gourmet and posh! The only drawback I can see to these is they’ve not come in very suitable tubs. I can see though that the full size comes in a proper bottle so I’ll let them off!
They’ve no preservatives or artificial ingredients, gluten free*, vegan* so if you’re really conscious about those things these are probably ones to pick up. They’re a bit more expensive than your bog standard Tesco Vinaigrette but if you are feeling a bit flushed then these will be a great addition to your salad. This is the one I’d say I’m unlikely to buy because it’s not an item I buy often and the price is a bit steep. Saying that if I decide I really like one of them I may pick some up.

*only applies to some of the dressings

I’ve had some really great items this month, everything I’ve received I’ve never heard of before or in the case of Carnation and Elizabeth Shaw something I never knew they made so wouldn’t have thought to pick them up on a weekly shop. It’s been a really great box this month and I’m so glad I carried on subscribing. I can’t wait for next month and I really hope the quality doesn’t decline as the months go on a la Glossybox. I’d definitely say subscribe if you’re a bit of a foodie and like trying new things!


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