Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint
Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Swatch

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint has been doing the rounds recently on most beauty blogs. My Mac Studio Finish concealer is dangerously low (not only have I hit pan but I’ve nearly cleared the whole thing out) and as I don’t happen to have a spare £15 knocking about I thought I’d give this a go.

Phwoarr paint comes in two colours- fair and medium. Fair was perfect for my skin, but for those who have darker skin there’s not much choice which is a bit rubbish. It comes in a handy little compact with mirror, making it perfect for on the go!

It claims to wage war on under eye circles. I don’t really suffer from under eye circles but I purchased it to see how well it would work on blemishes. It’s quite solid in the pan and a little more difficult to work with than the Studio Finish; it works best when used with fingers, somehow a brush doesn’t work quite as well. However saying that it’s rich and creamy (sounds like i’m describing a yoghurt) and doesn’t really need to be set, although I do like to set mine with translucent powder simply because my skin is so oily.

Coverage wise it’s great, you don’t need to trowel it on and it’s fab at covering blemishes and under eye circles alike. I also find it’s fairly long lasting. Whilst it does end up slipping off after a long day or excessive face touching, I’d say it pretty much holds up as well as my Mac Studio Finish. It also can be a bit patchy if you apply too much so go easy, like I said earlier it doesn’t need to be trowelled on. Some people have mentioned it clinging to dry patches and not being suitable for dry skin. I can’t really comment on this, having oily skin, but perhaps it’s wise to stay clear of this if you have.

At £5.49 it’s a real bargain and an absolute gem of a find. The more I use this concealer, the more I love it. Yes it doesn’t have a wide range of colours but it’s a fantastic concealer and a great alternative for the Studio Finish, I think this definitely will be one for the future.

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint can be purchased from Boots stores and on Boots website for £5.49

    1. yep it’s a fab find and a great price too! Definitely holds its own against more expensive concealers x

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