Skin Saviours

Skin Saviours- Dermalogica, Skinetica, Origins and Manuka Doctor

When it comes to skincare, I tend to stick to a select few. I know my skin type and I’ve tried a lot of things in the past which has helped me establish what works with my skin and what doesn’t. Here are some of my skin saviours which are always guaranteed to help sort out my skin when it’s just not co-operating.

Whether or not I’m having a spot of bother I always start off with my Dermalogica Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash. I love it’s citrusy smell and it has salicylic acid to help bust spots and clear away any oil.

I find that heat always helps with declogging pores, clearing spots and sorting them out in a safe way so I’ll run a nice hot bath and have a soak to open my pores, then slap on Origins Out of Trouble Mask with its Sulphur and Zinc Oxide to help regulate sebum production (delightful I know). Sometimes if I’m having a really bad day then I’ll use my Origins as well to make sure I get a real deep clean.

Ever since I received Skinetica Anti-blemish lotion in my Glossybox last year I’ve never looked back. It’s an efficient toner and general spot tackler and when I get a really bad spot I leave the soaked cotton pad on the top of a spot for about 5 minutes for a real boost.

The newest member of my spot fighting arsenal is the Manuka Doctor Skin Treatment serum, which in one word (or two!) is bloody brilliant. Somehow it manages to work together with the Skinetica to tackle even the toughest spots. I can have a red hard cystic spot which nothing touches and somehow this superduo either brings it to a head or zaps it completely in under 7 days, and for a cystic spot that’s no mean feat.

What products do you turn to when your skin is in need of rescue?


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