Skinetica Anti Blemish Treatment Review

Skinetica Anti-Blemish

To kick off the new year and my reintroduction to blogging, I’ve decided to review this product. As some of you may be aware this first came to light in a glossybox a couple of months back.
Skinetica Anti Blemish treatment is a colourless lotion which claims to clear skin and remove blemishes and is fast acting.

I have in the past suffered from acne, severe enough to take antibiotics for most of my teenage years. It is under control, however I occasionally get some very angry cystic spots that will NOT budge no matter what I do. Therefore I was a little skeptical about trying this when I got it in my Glossybox, as I have tried many MANY MANY spot treatments before and they have just made them worse, or not done anything and that spot has remained angry and sore for weeks! Yes these are not 5 day spots, it can take weeks for the bump to go and months for the redness to subside.
Over the years I’ve tried:

Origins blemish treatment gel – didn’t really do much
Freederm – made them worse
Various anti blemish concealers including Witch and Clinique
Boots tea tree and witch hazel spot treatments
This doesn’t include all the other cleansers that are “aimed” at skin blemishes- Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Clinique, Clearasil. I’ve tried them all.

However I gave this a go, simply because:
1. It was in my glossybox, thus meaning I’d paid for it
2. I noticed it had a different ingredient to every other treatment I’d tried before:
Quatenary Ammonium Chloride. I’m not a chemist, but I can say that is a wonder chemical.

Upon first application, it does smell a bit odd, my boyfriend commented saying my face smelled like piss, but it soon disappears. Also it’s amazingly easy to apply. It’s a colourless lotion so it dries quickly and it’s invisible. You can wear it under makeup and it lasts 12 hours, not like many of these gels which stay tacky for ages and make your foundation and concealer go all weird around the blemish.

I’ve noticed it doesn’t dry your skin out at all, and it is great for sensitive skin, I’ve had no reaction to it, and no crusty flaky dry areas around the blemish which is so common when using anti blemish treatments. A lot I’ve tried- like benzoyl peroxide are good but dry your skin out so much and make it sore and irritated- not this!!

The results actually speak for themselves. After a week I saw massive improvements with the cystic spots reduced down to tiny ones and little spots cleared. Before I started using this product I had lots of little spots on my chin and 2 big cystic spots, but now I have one tiny spot. I ran out of this product because I was using it twice a day, and I didn’t bother to buy some for a while because I thought it may have been a fluke, but when I stopped using it slowly but surely my spots returned. I recently bought the full size bottle, and I’ve been using it for just over a week now and my skin has improved again.

You see a visible improvement in less than a week, even on massive horrible bumpy cystic ones that are hard and never come to a head
it’s a lotion so its no fuss like gel
It’s so easy to apply an integrate into your routine
It doesn’t dry out your skin

it doesn’t last long enough! But i don’t know if thats my heavy handed application or what?

It’s Ā£9.99 for a 100ml bottle including postage which sounds quite expensive, but it’s cheaper than the Origins Blemish Treatment (and you get more) and many other treatments.
I don’t often rave about a product, especially a blemish removal product, but this is simply amazing. If- like me- you have tried loads of treatments I honestly 100% recommend you give this a go because it is simply amazing, and I will always have this in as no over the counter treatment has EVER come this close to making my skin as clear as it is.

Skinetica can be purchased here for Ā£9.99 for 100ml. Or if you’re still not convinced, you can get a free sample from them and try it out for yourself. I promise it’s amazing.


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