Soap & Glory The Scrub of Your Life Review

Soap and Glory The Scrub of your Life Body Scrub
Soap and Glory The Scrub of your Life Body Scrub
Soap And Glory The Scrub of Your Life – £7.00

I was quite surprised when I realised that I’ve never featured any Soap and Glory products on my blog. It’s not that I dislike the brand, in fact quite the opposite; a lot of my ‘body care’ products are predominantly S&G.
Anyway to kick off Soap and Glory’s debut is a product that I’ve used for a couple of years now, which is ‘The Scrub of Your Life’ body scrub.

The Scrub of your life features the ‘Original Pink’ scent synonymous with so many S&G products. When I first starting using their products I was unsure about the scent, however I’ve definitely grown to like it. Of course if you prefer something fresh and zingy then this heady smelling product might not be up your street.

The scrub itself is wonderfully thick and full of beads, which I love. There’s nothing more annoying than getting a body scrub that’s so watery that you can barely get a good grip on it so to speak. It removes dead skin effectively without being harsh -particularly my constantly dry elbows- which are perpetually flaky due to my insistence of leaning on them. Once I’ve given them a good going over with this they no longer resemble something out of a horror movie.

This is probably one of the best body scrubs I’ve ever tried and because it’s a relatively cheap offering I will be repurchasing this time and again.

The Scrub of Your Life can be purchased from Boots and priced at £7 for 200ml or £2.50 for 50ml


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