Supermarket Fashion

supermarket fashion picks
1. Floral Shell Top – George at Asda £8
2. Sheer Yoke Panelled Top – Florence & Fred at Tesco £14
3. Floral Print Belted Prom Dress – Florence & Fred at Tesco £25
4. Gingham Bubble Hem Top – Florence & Fred at Tesco £16
5. Digital Floral Print Skirt – George at Asda £14
6. Striped Slash Neck Top – Florence & Fred at Tesco £6

I would compare supermarket fashion offerings to that of drugstore beauty products. Once upon a time there was a great disparity between them and their more expensive counterparts, but has become an equally valid choice and fantastic alternative to paying thirty odd quid in Topshop.

I have to admit supermarkets aren’t traditionally my go to for fashionable clothing but I’ve been popping into Tesco a lot this last few weeks for bits and bobs and quite a few of their clothing items have caught my eye. Equally, I’ve heard that Tu at Sainsburys not only do some of the best leggings around but a large percentage of their profits are coming solely from their clothing line.

Supermarkets’ clothes have become just as on trend as traditional high street offerings and are the same quality, but more affordable. At the moment I’m loving Tesco in particular, I’ve seen so many items I really like. The sheer yoke panelled top reminds me of the Whistles top Anna posted about a few months ago and already having an affinity for stripes, I simply had to pick up the slash neck striped top.

If you’re a regular grocery shopper, next time you’re doing your weekly shop, just have a quick look round. there’s some great clothing in your local store.


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