The Cake and Bake Show Manchester

baby orangutan cake display
 Ratatouille cake display
cloudy with a chance of meatballs cake
monkey display
Cloudy with a chance of meatballs cake
Polar bear cake display

Warning! pic heavy

Last Saturday I went to the Cake and Bake show in Manchester. I’d not heard of the Cake and Bake show previously but I entered a competition a couple of months back and won two tickets, so I took my mum along.

The Cake and Bake show was held at Manchester Central which I’d visited a few years ago, and it was an event with lots of stalls from local and national companies, demonstrations and displays. There was even a cupcake and cocktail bar that was being hosted by Neilsen Massey which looked great!

We picked up a goodie bag and a guide which was £5 but inside you got lots of goodies like a Dr Oetker spray icing, some Billingtons brown sugar and a Betty Crocker Red Velvet Cupcake kit so I’m going to be using those soon.

manchester tart
turkish delight

There were hundreds of stalls selling a wide variety of food and cooking equipment. I picked up some marshmallows from a company called Sugar245. They were incredible- so soft and they did a great range of unique flavours as well. Definitely a world away from the little pink and white marshmallows you put in your hot chocolate. Not that I’m knocking those little fluffy mallows, but these were something else. I also tried some macarons. I’d never tried them before so it definitely was an experience. Although they looked great I wasn’t all that impressed with the taste in the end.
A stall called The Primrose Bakery also had some beautiful looking cupcakes as well so I nabbed one of those before I left as well. Again I wasn’t all that enthused by it, it was lovely but not something I couldn’t have made myself.
My mum picked up this unique bread from an artisan baker stall which was a treacle, raisin and walnut loaf. We had a sample and it was very tasty so my mum bought a full loaf. They had lots more stalls which I had a look at but ultimately I couldn’t buy everything!

demonstration with Rosemary Shrager
They also had ‘celebrity’ guests such as John Whaite and Frances Quinn from The Great British Bake Off doing demonstrations at three different stages every hour which was good. I didn’t manage to catch many unfortunately because of the time and also they were hugely popular so we ended up standing near the back.

The Jungle Book cake
Hippopotamus cake display
Lion cake display
One of the best parts of the whole event though were the cakes. There were some that were simply on display and some that had been created especially for a competition. The competition ones were great and you could definitely see why the winners had been picked their work was great.

bug made from spun sugar
The display cakes were amazing. The people who had created them had so much talent. My favourite ones were the Disney cakes that had been created, the work was so intricate and exactly like the films, plus they were huge! There were three Disney cakes- How to train your dragon, Ratatouille and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

I had a really good time, the displays were incredible and there were some amazing foods there. I’d definitely recommend you visit next year if you’re a foodie!

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs display
How to train your dragon cake display
Ratatouille cake display
Ratatouille cake display

  1. Those cakes look amazing, it must take so much time to make them! My mouth is watering just thinking about all the food haha xx

    1. I know! I can’t even imagine how many hours were spent on some of these. The effort that went into these is incredible. Haha I know! It was sweet torture walking around all the stalls with the food! xx

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