Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Brushes Before
brushes before (eww)

Brushes after
Brushes after.

As probably a lot of you know, cleaning your brushes is a vital part of our makeup routine, although like me, some of you might not do it as often as you probably should. Cleaning brushes regularly helps them last longer, stop them wasting product and stops them harbouring bacteria!

It doesn’t help when numerous companies offer cleaning products, but they’re extortionately expensive for what is in effect soap and water.

Usually when I do clean my brushes, I will use either baby shampoo or antibacterial hand wash. I do like the handwash as it’s cheap, antibacterial and it doesn’t seem to do them any harm (many of my old brushes seem to be still going!!)

What do you clean your brushes with?
How often do you clean yours? Are you religious after every use or a little more slack like me?


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