Things I love about…Autumn

Today is officially the first day of Autumn. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone and how we’re most of the way through September. It feels like Christmas wasn’t so long ago. In honour of this I thought I would do a post about all the things I love about Autumn, which is everything that evokes strong memories of the season to come.

hot chocolate
1. Hot Chocolate
No one fancies a hot chocolate when it’s sweltering outside, but when the nights are getting colder and you’re snuggled up under your duvet, making yourself a hot chocolate complete with whipped cream is amazing.

2. Blankets
There’s nothing I love better than when it’s cold enough that you need a blanket to snuggle up in on the couch when watching a film. Team with a hot chocolate and you’re onto a winner.

ugg boots
3. Boots
UGG boots, Chelsea Boots, knee high boots; they are perfect for Autumn, when the weather is getting cold and rainy, and they keep your tootsies nice and toasty.

cosy jumper
4. Cosy Knits
I long for the time it gets cool enough for me to start wearing jumpers and cardigans. Thick ones, overly kitsch Christmas ones, I love them all.

bonfire night
5. Bonfire Night
I love love love Bonfire Night, wrapping up warm to go and watch the Bonfire, seeing fireworks being set off, lovely bonfire night food, Parkin, Treacle Toffee, Pulled pork sandwiches. They all evoke a deep nostalgia which I love every year when November comes around.

6. Halloween
Sometimes I wish I was a child again so I could go trick or treating. Although we don’t make a big deal of Halloween over here, I personally love it and go all out! I love carving pumpkins, eating toffee apples, decorating, listening to the Monster Mash and throwing Halloween parties.

pumpkin pie
7. Pumpkin Pie
With my excessive Pumpkin carving I am left with a lot of pumpkin flesh, which I LOVE turning into Pumpkin Pie. I could sit there and eat the entire thing. If you’ve never tried Pumpkin Pie, I suggest you do because it’s amazing, you can try my pumpkin pie recipe here.

pumpkin soup
8. Pumpkin Soup
Autumn is definitely the beginning of official soup weather so I also like to use the leftover pumpkin to make spicy pumpkin soup. Warming, delicious and healthy so I don’t pack on the pounds with all the other luxuries.

treacle toffee
9. Treacle Toffee
I eat copious amounts of this stuff come October and November, I’ve been known to go through a bag of it daily, I don’t know what it is but I love the stuff.

christmas markets
10. Christmas Markets
The Manchester Christmas markets open on the 15th November this year (which is technically still Autumn) and I LOVE going as they get me even more excited for Christmas (hard to believe I know!) but I love going, all snuggled up under my layers, eating lovely European delicacies (crepes anyone?) and drinking hot mulled wine.

autumn leaves
11. Autumnal Colours
Autumnal colours are beautiful, with the rich reds, oranges, golds and browns which definitely brighten up the dark cold nights.

12. Scarves, hats and gloves
Another great thing about it getting colder is the need to wear scarves, hats and gloves. I love being wrapped up in thick knitted scarves and wearing my kitsch animal hats.

hot baths
13. Hot baths
Long hot soaks in the bath are not the same when it’s hot outside, you end up sweating and being hotter than when you got in, but when it’s freezing and you’ve just got in from watching the fireworks- you grab a hot bath, with your favourite bubble bath, light a few candles and a hot toddy. Bliss!

autumn air
14. Crisp Autumn air
There is a definite smell in the air when it comes autumn, I can just tell when it’s turning. There’s a certain coolness, mixed with the smell of the previous nights fireworks and I love it.

15. Getting excited for Christmas
I get ridiculously excited for Christmas, (I’ve started singing Christmas songs now…) so when September rolls around, I get super excited for all the Christmas buildup.

pumpkin spiced latte
16. Special edition drinks at Starbucks
The pumpkin spiced latte for Halloween is always one of my favourites, and I love trying out the special edition drinks at Starbucks, makes it feel that much more festive.

yankee candles
17. Autumn Scented candles
I love wonderfully cosy autumn scented candles that are rich in apple, cinnamon and clove scents, it makes it feel so cosy and Christmassy.

pulled pork
18. Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas Specials in cooking magazines
I love to read cooking magazines, but my favourite editions are always the October November and December ones that do special features on Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas goodies to make.

plaid pjs
19. Cosy pjs.
Now it’s getting cooler, the shortie pjs go back in the drawer, and the long cosy plaid pants come out.

big bang theory
20. Return of TV
A bit of a random one, but Autumn is usually when a new series of my favourite shows is aired again, like The Big Bang Theory so i’m not forever watching reruns like I do over the summer.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?
If this ramped up the nostalgia for Autumn’s past check out my Pinterest, where these images came from.


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