Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo Review

Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo
Timotei Golden Highlights Shampoo– £1

Timotei was a brand I regularly used when I was a child, but then it seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. However it seems to have made a resurgence recently and when I was doing my weekly shop I decided to pick some of their new rebranded and reformulated range up.

Timotei claim that this shampoo, infused with 100% natural chamomile extracts, will bring out golden highlights in your hair, whether natural or highlighted.
They now have 0 parabens and use natural extracts which is good if you’re a little conscious about what you put on your head, however they do still contain SLS so if you’re really hung up about it maybe it’s one to avoid. If however you aren’t too fussed then if you have blonde hair you should seriously consider picking this up.

The shampoo itself is lovely to use, it comes out a golden shimmery colour and leaves your hair nice and soft afterwards but still feeling clean. What takes this shampoo from a budget buy to an absolute winner though is the fact it actually works. After a couple of washes my hair was brighter and blonder, so much so that people actually commented and said had I had my hair done when in fact I’d not had my hair coloured for a couple of months (I’m so bad I know! but because my hair is relatively natural I can leave it quite a while between treatments) but I digress I hadn’t noticed until people pointed it out and I thought, actually my hair does look blonder.

I’ve used other blonde shampoos and treatments before which have been pricey and had hydrogen peroxide in and I’ve probably got similar or less results than with this shampoo, so the fact this is natural (or more so than others) and that it’s a great price makes me want to say bin your pricey blonde products and use this!*

I have nothing bad to say about this shampoo, I’m seriously impressed! It’s fantastic for value and the fact of the matter is it actually does what it claims! I’ve already repurchased and I definitely think this will be one of the permanent fixtures in my bathroom.

* Obviously don’t take me seriously and bin your expensive products but pop down to asda and pick it up, I promise you won’t regret it.


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