Topshop Vectra3 Studded Slippers

Topshop Vectra3 Studded Slippers
Happy St David’s Day!!

My Topshop shoes came the other day which was exciting. I know there’s been some mixed opinions over these and originally I didn’t like them, but as time’s gone on I’ve really quite grown to like them. I did wonder how I would feel about these in real life but now I’ve tried them on I freakin love them.

I won these off ebay as these are sold out everywhere online and they’re pretty difficult to find on ebay, well in my size at least as I have tiny size 4 feet. I know people are saying women’s feet are getting bigger, but if they are then how come my size is always in demand!!!

Excuse the picture I don’t have the best ankles in the world.
You can find them on ebay here