Unexpected Absence

Hello everyone!

I finally feel fit enough to sit down and type this post. I suppose you’re all wondering why I’ve not been around much this year, and after proclaiming how much more active I was going to be. Well just over three weeks ago I was in a car accident – and as a result it absolutely knackered my back.

I’ve honestly never been in so much pain, I think ever. For the first week, I could barely sit upright for more than an hour so I spent the majority of time flat on my back looking at the ceiling, which may I add was frustrating and actually bored me to tears. The second week was better but I still couldn’t devote any real time to the computer as I was still in a lot of pain so instead in between lying down sessions I managed to watch Making a Murderer on Netflix, which I found absolutely fascinating.

I went back to work last week and I did manage thanks to lots of strong painkillers and a hot water bottle. I’ve also started physio which I’m hoping will help get my full range of movement back and I’m swimming again, mainly because this last few weeks I’ve not been able to cook or exercise- meaning the diet has flown out the window.

I’m now entering the fourth week and although I’m still in a fair amount of discomfort it’s nowhere near as bad. I’ve been getting a few pictures together for posts which I’m hoping to start putting together. I’ve bought a few bits and bobs which I can’t wait to show you as well as some new recipe creations!

Speak soon!


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