Vivo Beauty Balm Review

Vivo Beauty Balm

Vivo Beauty Balm swatch

Vivo Beauty Balm

I was a little hesitant about purchasing the Vivo BB Cream as I hadn’t had a good experience previously with the L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream and I was starting to wonder if BB creams were actually useless and a waste of money, but after testing it out I decided to give it a go. Another thing that persuaded me was the price. At only £4 for 30ml I didn’t think this was too bad in comparison to some of the other BB creams on the market.

It comes in a small tube with a screw cap which you can squeeze and the product comes out of a small nozzle. The packaging is remarkably similar to a lot of others on the market, regardless there’s nothing special about it.
The product has a slightly strange smell, although not overpowering or offputting, it’s smells slightly plasticy but not too pungent.

The product itself is quite soft and smooth although I found it quite a lot thicker than the Nude Magique and a lot harder to work with and rub in than others, in fact it had a similar consistency I found, to Mac foundations. It does also look fairly orange when you first start blending but as you blend more it does fade to a nice lighter colour, which I was glad about.

It’s dewy finish but you can set it with a bit of powder if you prefer a more matte finish.
It does give a lighter coverage than a foundation, but then again it is a Beauty Balm, so it is to be expected really. I’ll probably get more wear out of this in summer, and it is nice on days when you don’t want to wear foundation. It’s also really nice as a base, so I probably will also wear this under foundations as it does look great.

However I honestly don’t see the point in BB creams, I might as well use a tinted moisturiser because they seem to do the same thing. For a BB cream, it’s one of the better ones and also a great price, I just think BB creams in general aren’t really worth the hype especially as it’s been said the ones on the market don’t compare to the Asian BB Creams.

You can purchase this from Tesco or Vivo and it’s currently on offer for £4


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