Weekend Wishlist #8 Jubilee Edition

Jubilee Wishlist
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As you’re all aware it is the Jubilee weekend which means 4 day weekend woohoo!! Now I like some of the memorabilia that has been out and about at the moment, like the keep calm and carry sandwiches tray, but in terms of the clothes most of it, I’ve found, is tat and will go out of fashion quicker than fluorescent shell suits. Saying this however, I have managed to put together some cute pieces that are perfect for the Jubilee, but you can keep on wearing. I also posted this early so you can nip down to the shops right before your street party.

1. Topshop Dipped Hem Dress
2. Topshop Crown Jumper
3. Topshop Corgi print shopper
4. River Island
5. Topshop Umbrella
6. Miss Selfridge Court Shoes


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