Weekly Update #2 – 5:2 Diet

It’s time once more for my weekly post on lifestyle and diet related things albeit a little late this week.

This week I’ll be discussing the 5:2 diet. I’ve been on weight watchers now for 6 weeks and progress is slow. real slow. So I decided to give the 5:2 diet a try.
What is the 5:2 diet I hear you say? It’s where 2 days a week you restrict your calorie intake to 500 cals if you’re a woman, or 600 if you’re a man. Sounds mad right?
I’d heard about it some time ago when my mum decided to try it but I didn’t try it because it sounded hard, but after seeing no progress in my weight I thought I would give it a go and I’d read about the results people had had.

Now 500 calories is not a lot, so I decided planning ahead would be my best option. I also decided that unlike most people who save their calories up for one or two bigger meals a day, I would still try and fit in 3 meals a day. I can’t go long periods of time without eating and it’s my routine. So I did a bit of research and found a great website that did awesome low calorie recipes.

1st Day- Monday

Fruit salad for breakfast (200 cals)
Tomato Soup (70 cals)
Ryvita (25 cals)
Jelly (10 cals)
Halloumi Salad (200 cals)
Total: 505 cals

So I did go over by 5 calories but the results the next day were great, I’d lost 2lb overnight. The first day hadn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. I wasn’t too hungry and the day did pass. However I did find the evening difficult as my salad (although tasty, wasn’t satisfying) and I was frustrated I couldn’t have anything else to eat, so I was a little grumpy that day.

I then ate normally on Tuesday and Wednesday, sticking to my weight watchers points and not going mad. I didn’t find I was hungrier than usual which I was glad about, so it doesn’t cause you to binge but it was nice to be able to have an extra treat without feeling guilty which I really liked.

2nd Day- Thursday

I did my second fast on Thursday which I found much tougher during the day and easier in the evening. I had to drink copious amounts of squash to satisfy me as I was really hungry. However my evening meal, although small and simple was the most satisfying and delicious meal I’d had on the plan.

Fruit Salad (200 cals)
Tomato Soup (70 cals)
Jelly (10 cals)
Creamy Garlic Mushrooms on Toast (174 cals)
Jelly (10 cals)

So my total for that day was 464

So far I’ve lost 1lb which I’m really pleased about as I had a rather decadent weekend which I ate a lot of naughty high fat foods and a lot of alcohol. Since I’ve started this diet, I’ve not been extra hungry on feast days which is good. On fast days I do tend to think a lot about all the naughty foods I want but can’t have like takeaways, McDonalds & Pizza, but I’ve not actually eaten these on feast days, I think it’s a case of wanting what I can’t have. I’ve just completed my third fast day and although I’m hungry and not really satisfied, it’s manageable and the results and feast days make it worth it.

What do you think of the 5:2 diet? Has it worked for you? Have you heard of the 5:2 diet?


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