Weekly Wishlist – Home

Home wishlist

1. Chocolate Thick Shaggy Rug
2. Seagrass storage unit
3. Vanity Table
4. Yankee Candle- Christmas Eve
5. Yankee Candle- Blissful Autumn

This week I’m blogging about my wishlist for things around the home. Living on my own (or with my boyfriend) means I can finally make furniture and styling choices of my own to make the place exactly how I’d like it. However it’s also an added expense.

I would like a new rug to replace my tatty old one, as it’s looking quite worse for wear now. I’d choose a beige one as I think it would go more with my decor, but in the place it is, it would get dirty so quickly.

I would also like some cute natural storage towers to complement my vanity table (see no. 3) and store my many many items of makeup etc.

At the moment I don’t own a vanity table so it means all my makeup and other beauty bits lie on the floor in front of my mirror, which is definitely not ideal. I’d love to pick this one up from Dunelm Mill as I love the French style of it.

Finally after proclaiming my love of Yankee Candles in this post I’d like to add these two to my collection as it’s becoming Winter now and I think they’d be perfect. However I haven’t yet sampled them so they could be absolutely vile…

Have you tried the Yankee Candles? Is there anything you’d like for your home?

  1. I know what you mean, some of them like Vanilla Lime sound awful. Haha I do that in the shops! They come over saying are you ok I’m like yeah I’m just sniffing the candles! x

  2. Adore Yankee Candles. When I read the descriptions I might think they sound gross but when I actually sniff them, they are wonderful. I cant wait for the Yankee Candle lady to come to town with her little Christmas stand so I can spend half an hour looking suspicious as I smell every single candle hehe.

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