Weight Loss Wednesday #10 – Changing my relationship with food

Week 10:
Weight Loss: 1.5lb

I haven’t done a post on weight loss in a while, purely because my diet had gone to pot of late through stress, exhaustion and general life problems which I will touch on in another post, so it didn’t seem worthwhile me documenting weekly how terrible I’d eaten and how my weight hadn’t shifted.

I put a little bit of weight on when I went away in September – I think it was only 2lbs though – which I was pretty pleased with as I ate a lot of French pastry.

I’ve only just now gotten back on track and to be honest it feels different this time. I feel like my relationship with food has changed. My whole mental outlook has changed and thus I feel more confident and control of my diet. I’ve stopped snacking for the most part, either I don’t feel too hungry or I have a drink and ignore it.

The biggest change is my portions. I stop when I’m full. I’ve been leaving half a portion of chips (which is unheard of for me) just because I’m full, no guilt, no stuffing myself.

I’ve always loved fruit, but that’s intensified that I’m picking it as a snack over something else. I normally would have both but I’m just eating fruit and it’s great. I feel healthy and full of energy.

I’ve also been eating a lot of soups lately as lunches. I’m not a big fan of tinned soups but I like my homemade ones – my favourite at the moment is Mexican bean – plus a lot are free foods on weight watchers so it means I can use more points on my evening meal which is when I like to have something hearty.

I really feel positive for once, really happy and in control and I think that’s affecting my relationship with food. I no longer need to constantly eat or snack between meals, I can ignore it (for the most part) and I can say enough is enough and still enjoy the foods I love.

I’d really like to lose half a stone before Christmas, but I’d be happy with just 5lbs. I’m hoping these will become a weekly feature again, with more positive downward trends in my loss. I feel it’s different this time and as I mentioned earlier I will explain in more detail in another post.


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