Weight Loss Wednesday #2 – I’m Honestly Okay Thanks


Week 2:
Weight Loss this week: 0lbs
Weight loss so far: 2lbs

This week has been a little frustrating as I’ve not lost anything, but in all fairness looking at this week I’ve eaten out twice and been on a night out. Couple that with only a single trip to the gym and I shouldn’t really be surprised.

I’d like to go to the gym more regularly, but as I’m struggling with sleep, stress and other issues at the moment, I often find myself getting into bed as soon as I get home from work. I fantasise about face planting the bed when I’m at work, so I struggle to get motivated for the gym. I’m getting to the point now where I should probably visit the doctor but when I went a couple of months ago I was brushed off and it’s left me feeling reluctant.

My eating habits have also been a mixed bag this week. As I said earlier I went out for dinner twice this week. I went to Yo Sushi last Tuesday for a bite to eat with friends. I actually stuck to my points until the chef gave us all a free oiishi bun because the one my friend had ordered took so long to be made, so that was an extra 304 calories. It was delicious though so I don’t feel too bad. Friday I had a bad day, I was feeling quite emotional and exhausted so I grabbed some chocolate and crisps at lunch to perk me up. Harry also treated me to Nandos too so I indulged in some delicious chips.

However Saturday I was incredibly restrained. I was going out for a friend’s birthday and as I was getting ready at their house, I popped in a Tesco Healthy Living ready meal rather than opting for my usual pizza. I also drank far less than I anticipated. I had a vodka with mixer whilst at theirs and then when we were out I shared a delicious rum cocktail with two of my friends and had some more vodka but this time with orange juice as the club didn’t have any cordial of any kind so I couldn’t have my favourite vodka lime and soda.

At the end of the night, people were asking if I wanted to go to the takeaway to grab something to eat. Normally I would indulge in some cheesy chips even if I wasn’t hungry but food couldn’t have been further from my mind. I didn’t even crave them at all. I was honestly okay with not getting a takeaway on the way home, which I think is great as it shouldn’t be a diet where I revert back to my old eating habits after losing the weight I want, so I feel it’s a little milestone in itself that I made the right choices.

chocolate banana bites
protein balls
From reviewing my week it’s not been a bad one as far as weeks go, so I haven’t put any weight on, but I could have done a lot better. I don’t anticipate I will be eating out this week as I’m well and truly skint, but I am going out at the weekend so I’ll be saving my points for then!

I’ve been trying out some more new recipes too this week. I made some chocolate banana bites which were scrummy and also some protein balls and vegetable crisps so hopefully those recipes will be up in the following weeks.


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