Weight Loss Wednesday #3 – Is That All?

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Week 3:
Weight Loss this week: 1lb
Weight loss so far: 3lbs

I was speaking to my friend last week about weight loss and I commented about how proud I was that I’d lost half a pound and he responded with “is that all?”. It got me to thinking, when we embark on a weight loss journey, we’re never quite satisfied unless we lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time. I’m guilty of it myself, sometimes I think “oh I’ve only lost a pound this week that’s rubbish” but I try and mentally correct myself, because it’s still an achievement and to have made that 1/2 lb I’d lost by last Thursday into an entire 1lb by Monday, well I’m pretty darned chuffed.

Also if you think about it 1lb of fat is quite a lot. It’s 453g which is equivalent to this bottle of aloe vera gel. To have lost that in a week simply by eating a few less calories a day is amazing!
banana boat aloe vera gel

By attempting to lose greater amounts of weight, we risk losing lean muscle mass instead of the fat we’re actually trying to lose. Furthermore we’re more likely to put it back because we’ve denied ourselves so much to lose all that weight. I think personally as long as you haven’t put it on you should be celebrating, a big loss is great but little ones can be too!

weight loss
I’m definitely really pleased that I managed to get my weight moving again, I was a little worried after last week that I’d hit the second week and that was that! I’m slightly off target for the wedding, unless I miraculously happen to lose 2lbs in one week, but if I continue a steady rate of 1lb per week I will have lost 5lbs by the time the wedding comes along on the 8th August and I will be back down to my Easter weight hurrah!

This week I only went to the gym once again, mainly because last week I was suffering from an ingrown toenail, so I couldn’t actually put my shoes on to go to the gym. I did however do an enormous amount of cleaning on Thursday and Sunday, I’m talking hoovering, mopping, scrubbing the bath- properly cleaning so I’d say I got a bit of a workout then. I wouldn’t have said my diet had been all that brilliant either, I was super focused in week 1, went a bit haywire in week 2 and this week has been a sort of middle ground. The weekend was a bit of a cheat weekend rather than day. I went to Nando’s on Sunday, not entirely avoidable as I had a serious case of the heeby jeebies when I found a massive house fly on my salmon. I also ate far more than I should of on Saturday, my friend was visiting and he treated me to a Starbucks although I was restrained and got a Soy Latte, but we had some nice nibbles out for our house party and I may have grazed on a few more Doritos and Pringles than I should have.

It’s been three weeks now and I’m finding it ok actually, I don’t feel like I’ve changed my eating habits much, although now I tend to eat less for my lunch and save my yoghurt for just before I leave work at 4 so then I’m not so hungry and don’t eat before my tea. I also skip dessert a lot of the time now, I just don’t feel like I need it. Other times I will make my protein balls, they’re sufficiently sweet but rich and filling enough that I only need one to get my chocolate fix. I’ll be putting the recipe up on Sunday as they are serious lifesavers!


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