Weight Loss Wednesday #4 – Making the Right Choices

weight loss and making healthy choices

weight loss and making healthy choices
Week 4:
Weight Loss: +0.4lbs
Total Weight Loss: 2.6lbs

I love food. This is why I’m in the position I’m in and no doubt will be an ongoing battle for the rest of my life. I’m not one of those people who “forgets” to eat. I probably have done that a handful of times maybe. The one time that sticks in my head is the day of my dissertation hand in where I was frantically finishing it off and printing it out that I simply didn’t have a moment to spare to eat. Boy was I hungry that day… But I digress, I like to eat- not all the time- but I certainly cannot go over 4 hours without eating or I become hangry.

hangry: A state of anger and irritability resulting from being hungry.

I’ve noticed though that slowly I am making baby steps towards the right choices when eating. If I’m full after eating most of my lunch, I’ll leave my yoghurt till later. I’ll also skip dessert after my evening meal now because I’m full and don’t need to eat anything else. The hardest thing that I struggle with is when I’m eating at a restaurant and stopping when I’m full. I really want to finish my food, partly because I’ve been taught to clear my plate, but also because I really really like chips and to see them sitting on my plate is torture. No matter how many times I practice finishing eating when I’m full, the struggle to not eat another chip is incredibly difficult.

I’ve read a few tips on how to combat this such as:
putting a napkin on your meal once you’re done
pouring salt on the remainder of the food
getting up from the table
drinking a full glass of water

I’m not sure some of these would necessarily work in certain situations, such as when we go to Nandos we get a sharing platter, so I doubt Harry would be impressed if I poured salt over his portion of the chips and I don’t think me getting up from the table while he’s still eating would work either. I’m slowly getting there but I think it’s a bit like a bad habit and it’s going to take a lot of time and willpower to break.

I’ve had a relatively good week despite the small gain. It’s not the result I wanted but it’s not a massive gain either, plus there are mitigating factors this week like I feel I’ve got a bit of fluid retention which is probably adding to it. Last Saturday I made the right choices. I was going to TGI Friday’s for my friend’s birthday and me and Harry had agreed in advance it would be our cheat meal. However we went into town during the day to grab breakfast as I was having my hair done. We were originally going to go to Wetherspoons for breakfast and I’d planned to have the porridge but it wasn’t open, so we popped into Starbucks instead and I picked up the fruit cup and a yoghurt granola mix. I wasn’t feeling great that day so I only ate the fruit.

We stayed in town a lot longer than anticipated and I was particularly hungry by 2pm (having only eaten a fruit cup at 9am) so we decided to go to Yo Sushi. We both love sushi and it’s so healthy and quite low in points, plus there was no line! I stuck to a set number of points and came out feeling satisfied but not full so that I could truly enjoy my cheat meal later.

I did have a bit of a blip on Friday again. Friday is not a good day for me. I made the fatal mistake of not making any lunch for work, so then there was nothing in the fridge I could grab and make within 5 minutes. I went to the Coffee shop and made a pretty healthy choice of grabbing a small ham salad bun, before also picking up a Toffee Crisp and some crisps. Whoops!

It gets worse from there… When I got home I was feeling hot and extremely tired. I didn’t want to cook and I didn’t even want to go out to Nandos, I wanted to stay in and sleep in front of the air con so we ordered Chinese. To be fair, I only ordered a quarter crispy duck with pancakes. I didn’t order chips or prawn crackers like I usually do so small victories!

I think probably Friday and Saturday have probably attributed to my small gain, but I’m just glad that the damage I did didn’t affect my weight too much. I’ve been going to the gym as usual but I’m trying to fit in a couple more runs this week in order to speed up my weight loss a little bit.

I really hope I have a better week next week then I can have something a little more positive to say, although the positive bits I can take from this is that most of the time, I do make the right choices when it comes to eating but my resolve weakens when I’m very hungry, hot or tired. That was a bit of a given though really.


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