Weight Loss Wednesday #5 – Hitting and Missing Targets

weight loss targets

Week 5:
Weight Loss:- 0.8lbs
Total Loss: 3.6lbs

I cannot believe I’m now onto my fifth week of the diet. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve been doing it this long. It’s the week of the wedding (not mine!) and I’ve not hit my target of 6lbs loss but I’ve lost nearly 4lbs and I’m really pleased with that. Yes it’s 4lbs but I’ve struggled for so long to lose anything, I’ve not felt in control so to feel like I’m finally on a downward slope, even if it is slow just makes me really happy. I think because I’m behind on my current target I’m not sure I will hit my final target which is -9lbs by my holiday which is only 42 days away. I will be pleased if I can lose another 7lbs though so I will definitely keep pushing forward.

I’ve noticed some inch loss too which is probably the most important. I wouldn’t care if I weighed 12 stone if I was a size 8. Of course the physics of that is next to impossible for a 5″2 individual, but you get my point. I’ve lost 1/2 an inch from each thigh and my bum but most importantly, a whole inch from my waist. Considering that’s my problem area I’m super happy.

I did some extra exercise this week, I managed to go for an extra run as well as visiting the gym this week. I was going to go for another one at the weekend, but I didn’t feel great so I spent a lot of time in bed instead. I’m actually a little surprised on how well I’ve done as I don’t think my diet again was too great. We went to Nando’s last Monday although I barely ate anything that evening and struggled with my single chicken breast. Friday was date night so we went to Zizzi’s. I had my favourite healthy meal from there which is the Ravioli di Capra. It’s so good! We also went to see Guardians of the Galaxy which is really good! I definitely recommend it, and shared a medium popcorn between us, so I think although Friday was naughtier than if we’d have stayed in I was very controlled.

Saturday was a bit of a cheat meal day as well, because my parents were coming over so I made pulled pork. It was so so good and we had cheese and bacon potato skins as well. Delish! Then on Sunday I was feeling generally very bleh and not well so I didn’t feel like cooking or going out, so we ordered a Dominos. It was definitely worth it though.

I’m hoping to reign in my wayward weekend eating habits a little as I’m sure I could definitely lose more if I wasn’t having bad food 3 times a week. I know it is a slow process but I feel I’m doing well so far and I’m definitely spurred on to continue and see more changes to my body.


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