Weight Loss Wednesday #6- I can’t be bothered to cook

batch cooking for weight loss

me and Harry at the wedding

Week 6:
Weight Loss: + 0.8lbs
Total Weight Loss: 2.6lbs

I mentioned in my last post that I deviate away from my diet at weekends a lot and sometimes in the week and I know that this is a large contributing factor in why I haven’t lost more. Of course special occasions happen and you want to treat yourself but it’s when treating yourself becomes too frequent is when it becomes a problem.

I think the number one reason people go out and eat or order takeaway is because they cannot be bothered to cook after work. I’m suffering quite badly with fatigue at the moment, in fact I’m going to the doctors this week to sort it because sometimes I’m so cripplingly exhausted I fall into bed at 5:30pm and sleep for a few hours.

A good way of getting around the can’t be bothered to cook is to keep some quick healthy options in. I’d have fish fingers and potato waffles for such an occasion (ok not that healthy but still better than a takeaway) but Harry hates those kinds of meals so my plan is to cook in batch (things like chilli, bolognese etc) and freeze them and then for the occasions that I really don’t want to cook, they can be bunged in the microwave and insta-meal done! My only issue with this is we have the tiniest freezer ever which is already quite full of food so I’m not sure where they would go.

Last Friday was the day of Harry’s cousin’s wedding. I was actually really happy with how I looked. The dress I ended up wearing (after numerous failed attempts at buying a new dress) fit me much better than it did last year and I was happy about the photographs of me as well. I did rather overindulge -aren’t weddings an excuse to?- mainly because with the timing of the wedding I didn’t actually get to eat anything from after my breakfast until the reception dinner at 7pm so I was starving. We had a delicious hog roast and I ate rather a lot of crackling. In fact both me and Harry did which meant we felt like we were going to pop for the rest of the night. It was uncomfortable-I need-to-wear-something-with-an-elasticated-waist-uncomfortable, I rather felt like Adam Richman after a Man V Food Challenge.

I am sad to report yet another indulgent weekend as well. On Saturday morning a cooked breakfast was in order, and being all you could eat at the hotel I ate everything pretty much. However we resisted going to TGI Friday’s on Saturday night, opting instead to stay in and have tacos- boy was that good! Sunday was a little bit indulgent too, we had some good news and wanted to go out and celebrate, but, as the weather was horrendous we stayed inside and ordered a takeaway.

I definitely hope next week will be a better one. I’ve already been to the gym twice with another workout planned for tomorrow. I’m also going to try to have a better weekend and fingers crossed I have a really good loss next week!


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