#Weight Loss Wednesday – Old Habits Die Hard

healthy eating habits

eating habits

Week 7 & 8:
Weight Loss: -1.2lbs
Total Weight Loss: 3.8lbs

I apologise for a lack of posts last week, I wasn’t feeling well and as such I couldn’t muster the strength to concentrate on writing this post, however I’m back this week and miraculously I somehow managed a loss this week, god knows how as my eating habits were terrible this week, eating out again at TGI Friday’s and Nando’s. I also went to Red’s True BBQ with a friend for lunch and Est Est Est for an Italian.

As I was chatting with Harry over dinner, I realised that we had slipped back into some of our old habits, and that was why we weren’t losing weight. Harry agreed. Truth be told I’ve rather fallen out of love with cooking and combined with all the fatigue I’ve been experiencing of late, it’s much easier to eat out or order in.
What I’ve realised is that it’s much harder to break old habits than people think, and we should cut people some slack especially when they fall off the wagon and support rather than chastise.

With only 21 days until my holiday, I’m desperately trying to organise myself. This week I’m trying out Nakd bars, I’ve looked at them for a while now and decided to eventually pick some up as they were 4 for £3 in Tesco. They are delicious and a great way to fill me up. I also purchased some almond butter after weeks of trailing the aisles of Tesco and I really like it!
Finally I’ve been making my own ‘meal replacement shakes’. Yes I know, it’s not the way to go, but I’m constantly tired to the point where I don’t want to think of ideas for my lunch every day and yes I do want to drop a larger amount of weight and slash my carbs without much effort. Who else has never wanted to do that?

I made a delicious shake on Monday which I’m thinking of posting the recipe for as it was just too bloody good- a chocolate, banana and almond butter shake. I may, in time reduce this to one meal replacement a day instead of two but I think certainly this week I will be sticking to shakes to drop as much weight as possible. I’m realistic that in three weeks I’m unlikely to hit my target, but I’d like to drop as much weight as I can. I’d really like to lose another 4lbs which I think is achievable.

I really hope this week goes well and I have a really positive post for next week. I’m really excited for my holiday and if I manage to lose these stubborn pounds then I’ll be at my lowest weight since December 2011.


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