Why Squats + Plank = Amazing Body





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Although I’ve not actively mentioned it on here, if you follow me on twitter or instagram you’ll know that I have been keeping up with the gym.

I actually love going to the gym, I do sometimes still find it hard to go some nights, especially when I’m feeling tired or sick, so I won’t go that night but I always make sure I go every week and I go 2-4 times depending on how I’m feeling. I also try and do a longer session at the weekend (normally 1.5 hours).

I’m feeling so much fitter as well, the scales aren’t budging too much at the moment but I am not trying to stress too much over it, because I can see my body changing, and feel it. I can walk higher inclines, I can run for at least a kilometer (I ran 2.5km the other day which was my personal best) I can lift heavier.

However I’ve also found a new appreciation for certain exercises. Mainly those such as the plank, squats, lunges- simple exercises, hard exercises, effective exercises. I think the second reason is why the majority of people hate these exercises. How can something so simple be so hard??? At times I’d rather slog it out on the treadmill than do the plank. But the reason they’re so hard is that they’re so effective.

Exercises such are these that transform a flabby body into a lean body, a weak body into a strong body. Not only this but these exercises help in other aspects of your workout. By squatting and strengthening my core, it’s building stronger legs, and a stronger core which can help me run farther.

That’s why in order to achieve anything close to my dream body, I have embraced these exercises, and who knows, one day I might even love doing them.

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