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Lavish Alice Boots
Lavish Alice Cut Out Detail Boots
Black & Gold Detail Cut out Boots

After waxing lyrical about how much I love Autumn, I had overlooked one thing. Rain. Although I do love Autumn and being warm in all my layers and cute hats, I always have trouble with shoes. Ballet flats are my staples- especially for work- so when the rain is lashing down and the low temperatures start setting in, the last thing I want is cold wet feet whilst I’m traipsing through town.

Ugg Boots are unsuitable for work and furthermore look ridiculous unless I’m wearing leggings and my other cute ankle boots give me chronic ball of foot pain after about half an hour so when I set my eyes on these beauties from Lavish Alice, I knew I had to add them to my collection.

Ok I admit, when this ‘trend’ of cut out shoes started, I thought they looked ridiculous but these totally changed my opinion. I do tend to pair them with either black tights or black socks of some kind, which may be defeating the object of this trend, but I just think they look so good together.

I also have to say these shoes are so comfy. I was worried when I bought these that I was setting myself up for another world of pain as they looked even higher than my other boots, but I’ve worn these out for some time now and they’re ridiculously comfy. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the blockiness of the heel (is that a word?) or the subtle platform but super comfy! and my feet are lovely and toasty hurrah!!


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