Winter Skin Soothers

products for intensive hydration in winter- Nuxe Reve de Miel Lipbalm and The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream

I’ve noticed since I entered my twenties, my skin has been changing and becoming a lot drier. Now don’t get me wrong my face is still mostly like an oil slick which although irritating I suppose I will come to thank in later life when I’m 35 and still have the youthful plumpness of a 23 year old, but anyway I digress.

Generally my skin -particularly on my hands- has become quite dry and cracked especially around the fingers. I also suffer from dry skin on my lips and I imagine as the colder weather descends upon us it will only get worse, so I’ve armed myself with a couple of products which are going to hydrate, soothe and protect my skin over the coming wintery months.

For my dry lips I’ll be popping on my trusty Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm (£9.50). This stuff is an absolute godsend, yes it’s a little on the expensive side but it’s so so so worth it. It’s so worth it I had to include three ‘so’s’. It stays on for hours even with eating and drinking and it’s matte so if you don’t like the shiny look or feel of a lip balm this one’s for you. It also means it goes well under a lipstick so if you’re going to be rocking a bold lip this party season this is an absolute must! I always put this under a dark lip to ensure pout perfection! Also you only need the tiniest amount and it goes such a long way.

For my poor cracked hands only the most intensive repairing hand creams will do. I picked this The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector (£11.00). This isn’t one of their best sellers for no reason. It’s so hydrating. It’s very thick and quite greasy (as most intensive hand barrier creams are) but it’s amazing at sorting out dry skin. My dad had some dry skin (like chronic scaly dry skin) on his arms and he applied this for a couple of days and it sorted it right out. He was so impressed he bought some for himself!

So those two are what I’ll be arming myself with for the upcoming cold winter days, what are your skin soothers?


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