Wobble Less & Do More!

Now don’t let the title fool you, I’ve not suddenly become an aspiring bodybuilder, in fact far from it.
However I’ve recently begun to research weight training and the benefits, and it definitely creates a convincing argument.
I’ve always incorporated weights into my exercise regime, however since I’ve got back into the gym recently I’ve been adding more and more to my routine.

I actually prefer lifting weights to doing cardio, mainly because I don’t get bored doing it, and although lifting weights is every bit as hard as cardio, I like the short rest you get between reps, it doesn’t feel as repetitive as counting down the minutes till you finish your cardio workout.

I’ve noticed quite a few benefits since starting lifting heavier weights:

I’m getting stronger
Each week I go I can lift heavier weights and my body can be pushed further than it could before, allowing me to achieve things I always thought I was too unfit to achieve.

I can eat what I want.
Unlike cardio which only burns calories whilst you’re engaged in exercise, building muscle means that muscle carries on burning calories…like all the time.

I’m still engaging in a healthy diet and cardio routine, it’s just nice to be able to eat a takeaway and not put on 7lbs.

Everything is getting tighter.
I’ve already lost 1 inch from my bum and 1/2 inch each from my underbust and waist, and everything is looking tighter and perkier which I love. Although the scales don’t show much of a loss, my once too tight clothes are starting to feel slightly looser than they did before

I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m confident that if I carry on the way I’m going, I’ll be able to have a much firmer smaller body for summer.


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